Group Coaching

I am thrilled to offer group coaching opportunities which are entirely online, with limited numbers. These groups are fantastic for working with me, fellow complementary experts and meeting like-minded aspirational friends in a group environment. I believe that creativity is not something you either ‘have or don’t have’, nor is it a personality trait – instead I believe it is something you do. A mindset for actively manifesting life and growth.

Every thought, feeling and action is a creation and we all ‘co-create’ together!

Luminous Leaders

Co-created and delivered with Morgana McCabe-Allan, PhD.

This is a 20 week group course for those who are ready to grow in their Light of leadership and entrepreneurial success.

A combination of Morgana’s incredibly successful group programme “Authentically Your Business” with my own “Find Your Light” coaching programme and creative direction expertise to create.

CPD Facebook Group

I have set up a free general CPD group on Facebook to encourage and explore personal development through the act of ‘being creative’. Furthermore, where much of group shares and discusses materials and techniques, appreciation for great arts and crafts, the wider aim is actually to help guide people to create their best lives and explore the bigger concepts of being one with all of creation itself (regardless of any religious beliefs!).

To embrace the self, explore and expand human consciousness.
This is open to anyone – just visit here and request to join 🙂