Find Your Light

Be the guiding Light you were born to be.

So many spend so long in the dark when they could be a shining beacon for others. Whoever you are, wherever you are in life, it’s time to stop hiding your brilliance.

Embrace who you REALLY are, express that totally authentic you so that ultimately you keep expanding toward your personal illumination. This process involves the creation of your bold new work, self-reflection and continued inspiration for yourself and your followers.

From those transitioning (perhaps creative niche, gender, career identity, public voice or spirituality) to those uncovering their potential as artists, content creators, holistic practitioners, coaches and social leaders, finding your ‘light’ is key to authentic life, love and spiritual leadership. 

I offer unique personal development coaching (that goes far beyond the ‘self’) for those who are called to lead and inspire others. It is my absolute pleasure to help you uncover your unique personal light – and learn to shine bright in it. To overcome self-doubt, to renew or establish confident direction, to understand your true nature as a creative being of infinite potential so that you direct a sustainable, meaningfully creative mission. As a highly qualified coach of over a decade’s experience and also as a successful creative leader and ‘gentle disrupter’, I am passionate about the atypical, the avant-garde, forging new paths and drawing alternative maps in life.

Perhaps you have something to say to the world but cannot find the words?

You know it’s your time to shine but are stuck in the shadows?

Maybe you feel called to guide others but cannot see clear direction?

I can take you on a 3 step hero(ine)’s journey:


Being Creative

You will uncover your brilliance, create new work, understand Flow states, expand your visibility – and be truly seen as you stand in your beautiful Light.


Creative Director

You will move further forward in your vision as you forge your own path for others to follow – one full of insight and opportunity for growth.


Creative BEING

You will begin to live in a state of creation (and co-creation with others!) so that your mission is self-sustaining and you can transcend to the next level of your own creative personal development.

You will be guided to do the following:

Overcome personal challenges and current obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward
(e.g. anxiety, self-doubt, confidence issues, creative and situational hurdles.) 

Be Creative and develop a totally original new work e.g. artistic piece, public campaign or community project that tells your story and supports your leadership or Mission.

Find YOUR authentic voice (there are many ways to speak!), develop your image and authority and be truly heard by your people.

Learn how to manage the ups and downs, take control of the impact you are making and become the Creative Director of your own life Mission.

Generate inspirational online content for others to follow your Lead, grow your community and engage with you.

Expand your own consciousness, enhance your psychic sensory awareness and deepen your connection to Everything as one Creative Being.

Live in the Light of your truth in a purposeful, joyful life that nurtures others.

Investment is £5,000

  • 12 online face to face sessions
    (approx 18 hours) 
  • Your Ultimate Mission Map
  • Personal Development Materials
  • Your story, the first 15k words crafted through my deep listening skills
  • Unlimited text and email correspondence

Begin your breakthrough Now

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