For a magical life of health, wealth and joy.

The Manifesting Institute is a membership programme for people seeking a practical and spiritual life of love and abundance. Our 7 step manifesting method involves consciously crafting personalised rituals by understanding and working with with the wisdom of all nature, within ourselves and all around.

‘Conscious rituals create unconscious habits’ and so good manifesting is all about good choices – and recognising that we ultimately create what we choose to.

I am one of the founding leaders here, along with life-long friend Morgana McCabe Allan, Ph.D (same surname but we are not directly related!). We have created the Manifesting Institute membership as part of a movement we call ‘Faithcraft‘. It is our shared desire to hold space and guide others in living beautifully as they literally ‘craft their faith’ in their individual and our collective lives. The Manifesting Institute membership is a fantastic route for working with myself and Morgana, and meeting like-minded aspirational friends in an online group environment. Every thought, feeling and action is a creation in itself and we all ‘co-create’ together!

You already hold all the magic within you. The power for transformation is in your hands. If you are ready to take action and weave your dreams in to being, then join us today.