One to One coaching

Working one to one is the fastest and most impactful choice, for finding – and forging – your own path in life. My role is to illuminate what is unseen and overlooked about you – including by you – and guide you to create authentic personal purpose in your career and a deeply meaningful life. Thus, you not only forge a new path, you also illuminate that new new path too. You can become a true guiding light in this world. I nurture my clients to ‘wake up’ to who they really are. To leave their comfort zones, let go of limiting beliefs and inherited assumptions, explore and transcend their self-doubts, define their mission, expand their awareness and truly Create their own sustainable present and future.

The work we will do is transformative in the immediate and practical sense – and also in the big sense too. It’s much more than life or career ‘coaching’. It is a process of quest – of personal illumination. We will also have fun together too. We will work holistically with an array of skills including creative thinking, embodied intuition and transpersonal understanding (transpersonal means going ‘beyond’ the individual ‘I’ to a much larger sense).

You will:

  • Gain incredible perspectives about yourself, others and how you co-engage in the world.
  • Experience deep epiphanies and realisations about your life patterns and choices.
  • Wake up’ to a much bigger reality of interconnection and connect to opportunity through intuition.
  • Generate exciting ‘light-bulb’ moments of creative genius and idea making.

Sessions are £90, and last 90 minutes. There are payment options for working one to one. Simply ‘play as you go’ per session or book a dedicated package that may also include additional consultation services such as event production or publishing.  

All coachees have complementary membership to The IF Crowd too 🙂

For those who have a specific mission to achieve, ‘Find Your Light’ is a 12 weeks programme to get what’s in yoru head, OUT and in to the world. This also encompasses creative consultancy services too. This may be shaping and publishing your book, designing your brand assets, creating a phsyical event, or actively building and launching your online course – and so on. It’s your dream! You tell me what’s in your heart.

Fees will depend on which services you will engage. Contact to discuss.

Be the guiding Light you were born to be

Work with me