Leveraging the innate magic of highly sensitive people

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Do you think and feel deeply?

A minority of people process sensory information faster and deeper than most. They experience the world deeply. They perceive information from both their outer-world environment and their internal inner-world with a heightened awareness of subtlety, nuance and detail that others would miss. These people are considered to have an innate trait and are known as ‘highly sensitive’ persons (HSPs). This unusual resting state of being comes with challenges such as a proneness to anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt – yet it also comes with curious advantages. These advantages are often overlooked, valuable gifts: creativity, empathy, intuition… and more.

As an HSP myself, a professional HSP coach and research psychologist, I am here to help uncover, celebrate and leverage those advantages – to cultivate the ‘innate magic‘ of the highly sensitive person (HSP). It’s my mission to empower other aspirational ‘Sensies’ to step up and step forward, as the natural thought-leaders and change-makers they are – so we can re-enchant this anxious world.

Makes sense, right? As such, my services are three-fold:


One to one personal coaching and group programmes designed for HSPs to resolve their challenges and cultivate their gifts from depth, and for lasting happiness and purpose.



Professional services for ethical businesses who want to benefit from the intuitive insight of Sensitivity, including creative communications, perception and predictive solutions.



Empirical research to continually explore, validate, support and develop the experiences and capacities of sensitive people and inform wider statutory services e.g. education, HR and health.


…Ready to Grow with the Flow?

The way we think, feel and interact with the world is changing fundamentally. Understanding and harnessing the potential of consciousness is empowering us for health, wealth and unity. From influencers and artists to communities and businesses who lead the vanguard of progress, upgrading the human conscious experience is essential to growth and sustainability in the shifting landscape of evolving culture, spirituality and technology.

Being at the ‘front’ is firstly about being on a journey. True heart-centred leaders are those willing to keep on stepping ahead on to new ground, in spite of – and because of – their uncertainties.

Many individuals feel they are ‘called’ to lead – but few answer the call. Even though the call keeps coming! Often, it is because they are lost in the darkness of doubt or, hidden by the shadows of self-limiting belief. Artists, writers, spiritual teachers, social and community activists so often have such incredibly powerful things to say, are driven by sincere passion and an ardent desire to act and make a difference – but they struggle to find the words, remain invisible despite years of service, have been restricted by expectations of others or feel that although they have the ‘vision’ they are lost without direction.

If this is you, then now is your time to be seen, heard and understood.

From those first steps of daring self-exploration through to developing your own sustainable personal mission, my mission is to guide you on a three stage journey:

  • To go from ‘being creative?
  • …to being the ‘creative director‘ of your best life…
  • …to thrive in the sustainable joy of ‘Creative Being‘.

I celebrate the extra-ordinary, the unconventional, the hidden and the overlooked beauty of body, mind and spirit. I have a lifetime’s experience of subverting the norms, seeking and celebrating alternative perspectives, of forging bold new paths and encouraging others to tread theirs too. I have supported many beautiful people to shine brilliantly for others to see, admire and follow. Go deep or go home… right?

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My Book: Ironic Fundamentalism (IF)

What if… the nature of the universe is entirely paradoxical?

What if… Anxiety could be transformed from a crushing weight into a creative force?

What if… you are sitting on a personal goldmine of hidden manifesting skills?

You are – and You can choose to leverage these.

With a sense of ironic humour and personal insight, Ironic Fundamentalism is an upbeat perspective on ourselves, the universe and everything. Here anxiety is turned on its head into an inner-guide which leads us to tackle the big questions that lie unconsciously beneath our angst and worries, setting us free from the weight of fear and self-doubt.

“I entered the class as a sceptic and suspected Kirsty was possibly slightly mad…I actually left suspecting Kirsty was in fact a bit of a genius.”

L’oreal Blacklett

Manchester Confidential

“Kirsty is an incredible creative tour de force, polymath, and consummate professional. She has an amazing ability to bring out the best in others. In her professional and personal life, she is thoughtful, curious, generous and prepared to take inspired risks.”

Dr. Morgana McCabe-Allan


“Absolutely fascinating, possibly one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met in my life.”

Katie Martin

BBC Radio Solent

“Breaking New Ground”

Time Out


 “…she is a committed, diligent writer and sparkling storyteller.”

Karen Gregor

Producer – BBC R4