The IF Crowd

This is membership to my ongoing group coaching programme The IF Crowd. This is the transformational tribe for those who think and feel deeply. It is for those with a curious mind and open heart. For those who live to grow.

What if it’s time for you to truly ‘wake up’? Join The IF Crowd now and begin your adventure in to discovering who you really are.

Your first month free using the voucher code WELCOME 🙂
(£37 per month, cancel any time)

The IF Crowd offers a unique blend of ancient wisdom, modern mysticism, sacred science and cutting-edge psychological insight – all ignited by creative thinking and embodied doing, to inspire the ‘waking up’ process in which you will up level your life, your sense of identity and spiritual awareness.

In monthly live workshops, guided meditations, guest sessions and access to perennial learning materials, we cultivate our curiosity by continually asking ‘what if…?’  Here we explore the Big Questions whilst also engaging in useful active practices to transform our worries in to will, raise our consciousness, expand self-awareness and realise our potential as who we REALLY ARE.

Membership is only £37 per month (cancel any time) and with your first month free. With monthly live workshops and meditations, VIP Facebook group, access to ALL online study courses (those featured in the Curious Courses) it is great value, with no contract or anything obligatory like that! Just stay as long as you wish to 🙂