There are many ways for us to work together, according to your needs and these are most popular. One to one private coaching sessions are available to help in your personal and or professional development and, I also run group workshops and programmes in The IF Crowd ūüôā

One to One

HSP coaching for personal empowerment and illumination

One to one sessions for your personal and /or professional development. Resolve self-doubt and leverage your gifts so you can light up the world.


Membership & Group Coaching

The transformational tribe for those who think and feel deeply

This is the upbeat¬†personal¬†development club¬†specially¬†curated¬†for highly sensitive, aspirational people who want to fully thrive in their life purpose. For those who wonder…¬†‘what if…?’. Group workshops and programmes, online self-study and more…


Corporate coaching

Are you ready to rise with the tide?

Upgrading the consciousness of your people is the only way to ensure sustainable growth in the rapidly changing culture of business. The combination of both massive societal change and the advancement of Industry 4.0 means that everything is changing.