Parapsychology & Consciousness Research

Experimental lab research and field investigation

I research psi (psychic) phenomena (extra sensory perception and psychokinesis) and how people process such ‘anomalous’ or exceptional experiences. Having studied at 5 UK universities so far, I now teach and research with the University of Northampton and, University of Central Lancashire on complementary projects exploring the lived experience of psychic abilities in both adults and children. My academic pursuit is focussed on altered states of consciousness and the role of sensory processing tools and techniques (including REST, Ganzfeld and floatation tanks) that appear to support spontaneous phenomena. Of particular interest is the intersection of psi with the innate trait of the ‘highly sensitive person’ – and how we might cultivate such experiences of deep interconnection, for personal and collective growth.

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<< image: that’s me in the Ganzfeld, pic by para-buddy Mike Daw

Kirsty with robo frog at Wyrd Experience


Supporting the P.E.A.R legacy

A proud member of team WYRD, I support the ‘world’s only interactive consciousness lab’ – the WYRD Experience – at Broughton Sanctuary in Yorkshire. WYRD Experience houses the entire contents of the former Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory which ran for 28 years producing substantial data on the reality of psychokinesis (mind over matter) using Random Event Generator (REG) technology. You can actually come and play here (by appointment) and explore the experiments for yourself – and, invest or report on the amazing developments of WYRD Technologies who are continuing the legacy by developing state of the art new kit and software to measure changes in the apparent ‘field of consciousness’. In a personal research capacity, naturally I combine my parapsychology research with the on-site wellness facilities including the floatation tank. We also produce educational and spiritual events and retreats. Contact me if you’d like to arrange a visit or/ and to take part in research.

Take a look at WYRD:
<< image: that’s a selfie with the P.E.A.R frog robot controlled by a REG

Kirsty by Doralba Picerno, inspired by medium Florence Cook

Paranormal Investigation /Consultancy

Private and public consulting

As well as working with experiencers to gently explore and integrate their psychic and anomalous experiences in a therapeutic capacity, I have considerable field experience in investigating claims of anomalous environmental activity e.g. hauntings. I have consulted for many media outlets including Most Haunted and was a leading feature in the BBC’s ‘Psychic Detectives’ show in 2005. As a conference speaker and contributor to formal investigative organisations, I am a member of the Society for Psychical Research, Parapsychological Association and private and unnamed ‘paranormal think-tank’. I have also served as a council member of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research, written for a number of peer and public publications and and have supported ‘ghost-hunt’ groups across the UK and abroad in their investigatory technique, ethics, safety and interpretation of findings.

Please email me for any private, public or media queries.
<< image: me inspired by Victorian medium Florence Cook, by Dorlaba Picerno