Corporate Development

Upgrading the consciousness of your people is the only way to ensure sustainable growth in the rapidly changing culture of business. The combination of both massive societal change and the advancement of Industry 4.0 means that everything is changing.

People’s choices, values and ethics are rapidly evolving. The world of business is levelling-up at an exponential rate with AI and SMART technologies, equipment, analytics and communications.

So how do you ensure your business will meet the needs, the demands and the challenges that this paradigm shift is bringing? With a full systemic mindset shift. To build resilience and creativity that integrates personal and culture development. You need to upgrade the consciousness of your first and foremost and this means tapping the untapped potential of the senses – the very real yet subtle, extra-sensory capacities.

Are you ready to rise with the tide?

We are all human beings – even when we are humans doing. We don’t stop ‘being’ because we are busy. The workplace is no exception and to achieve optimum wellbeing, is to achieve optimum potential.

Enhance the being and we enhance the doing!

Would your people and business benefit from:

  • Heightened sensory awareness in a workplace that calls for stringent health and safety rules?
  • AI and human minds as complementary to one another (and even co-creative)?
  • Team building through aligned values and coherent action?
  • The ‘present’ world of Mindfulness meditation techniques that can be easy to learned and adopted quickly?
  • Balance of both mind and body where multi-tasking is essential to timely productivity?
  • Greater appreciation of the impact of gender roles, identities and social inclusion?
  • Accessing deeper levels of empathy where the strength of customer bonds and/or inter-staff relationships are key to sales and retention?
  • Intuition, confidence and big-picture thinking?
    (Who couldn’t use more of that!?)
  • Acute trend prediction and future-sensing for probabilistic influence in decision making and outcomes?

Working with the subtle fields of information, we can extend beyond the norm and develop an edge. Here I deliver my insightful and interactive approach to teaching new perspectives and learning the skills and techniques required for prediction, and bigger picture thinking. Ancient wisdom and contemporary psychology streamlined to present genuinely uplifting experiences. Drawing on all of my course content I can provide a tailored and entertaining solution for lasting improvement in lower stress levels, enhanced concentration, greater sensory awareness, clarity of mind and creative thinking.

Perhaps your business demands a variety of skills from your people. Whether afternoon workshops, all-day action or weekend retreats our unusual, upbeat and memorable activities will be blended for your unique individual people who, make up your unique organisational whole.