Kittie Klaw as Britannia

Burlesque Theatre

Performer, Producer, Community Leader

Kirsty was one of the original movers and shakers of the new burlesque renaissance and is credited as leading cultural change a national level. Founding the UK’s most generative (and now oldest) organisation – Ministry of Burlesque – in 2002 and producing her first show 2003 in Glasgow whilst a psychology student, her ‘MoB’ shows quickly reached UK wide sell-out, award winning status including 5 star acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe and numerous media appearances. To date, MoB have produced nearly a thousand events and are considered responsible for launching and supporting numerous performance-arts careersover a twenty year span. MoB still produce nationally for theatre and private hire with values of social inclusion and self-expression at its core.

Having been a child performer with The Scottish Ballet Company, then ceasing to dance altogether after struggling with self-confidence, her anxiety was later transformed by performing as ‘Kittie Klaw’. As Kittie, Kirsty became an internationally acclaimed performer in her own right, as she championed the more traditionally British form of burlesque theatre (of female-led gender satire) as she performed quirky parodies of historical female figures including Lola Montez, Lydia Thompson, Florence Cook and Britannia herself…

She has since retired from performing – yet still produces. Visit

125 Magazine, cover. Finlay Mackay


Arts, Fashion and Photographic

Spotted for children’s fashion at age ten, then quickly dropping out of fashion (on account of being ‘too short’) , Kirsty was re-spotted in her late teens for alternative fashion and arts. Over a ten year career her unusual model portfolio led to frequent European travel, her image on billboards at London Fashion Week in 2007, landing on the cover of prestigious art magazines, alternative fashion shoots, catwalks and even hanging on art gallery walls.

Rat poison, Taxidermy

Amateur Artist

Photography, Crafts, Graphic Design – and a little illustration

Drawing on her love of imagery and visual metaphor as powerful tolls to communicate complex ideas and emotion, Kirsty enjoys any opportunity to make and do. Her portfolio of amateur art is as spontaneous as it is exploratory.