Resolve Your Personal Paradox

What IF... you can get un-stuck? What if… you can become your own spatula, in the big frying pan of life?

resolve your personal paradox
resolve your personal paradox

Feeling stuck? Can’t seem to shift, break free or create opportunity? This section offers insights to uncover your own ‘personal paradox’ of life paralysis.

This course draws on my cheerful theory of ‘Ironic Fundamentalism’ – an upbeat philosophy with a sense of ‘ironic humour’ about ourselves, the universe and everything. Here anxiety is turned on its head in to an inner-guru! The explorative exercises and thought experiments lead us to tackle the big questions that lie unconsciously beneath our angst and worries, setting us free from the weight of fear and self-doubt.

What is a personal paradox? 

I use this to refer to those ironic inner conflicts, struggles and anxieties that keep us on just such a journey – of looping in frustration, tedium and self-limitation.

It keeps us feeling like the real ‘me’ is suspended in the middle of a secret tug of war within, leaving us unable to move, expand or create. Adding to (and even ‘confirming’!) self-doubt. 

Typically, these paradoxes create immense anxiety, tension involving our identity, our sense of purpose – and also the big questions that take us to spiritual (and metaphysical – wooo!) quandaries about the meaning of life, death and beyond. 

This is why so many people aspire but don’t make the moves. Others perpetually dream but forget to carry the dream in to waking. Some are truly inspired but the moment fades… and with it the genius too.

What can we do about this?

The key is in resolving our personal paradoxes. This begins in identifying what they are. What they REALLY are. not what we assume them to be.

Identifying the different forces that are present and creating the tension of your daily experience can be tricky – as they often collude too (damn tricky buggers) to maintain this status-quo of your inaction. Here, you are held tight and stuck in a place of limbo by opposing voices inside yourself. Your own authentic voice that you want to use – is drowned out (and with it your motivation or momentum).  

  • 6 week personal 1:1 coaching programme.


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