Ministry of Burlesque

With MoB, you will develop your first ever act – or maybe your ultimate signature routine for fun, or professional stage.

Ministry of Burlesque Logo

Give yourself permission to be glam, to be funny, to be edgy and outrageous! Ministry of Burlesque was the first organisation I developed and is the UK’s premier organisation for professional burlesque theatre. Formed in 2002, MoB have led the vanguard of the resurgence and continue to ‘raise the barre’ of professional production, performance and education of this much misunderstood form. After all, MoB was created to:

  • Encourage authentic self-expression,
  • Challenge body confidence and gender identity issues,
  • Nurture a productive community for a new century of burlesque.

As a pioneering organisation for modern burlesque theatre, MoB are considered an authority on and have been advocating the genre’s socio-political legacy and contemporary purpose in tandem, with many ‘firsts’, awards and accolades in our own history.

  • 6 week personal 1:1 coaching programme.


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