are you psi-curious

Developed out of my study and practice in meditation, parapsychology, paranormal investigation – and my own transpersonal, mystical and psychic experiences, Psi-Curious, will guide you to understand, enhance and expand your sensory awareness going beyond the realm of the ‘5 senses’.

Work with your intuition and deep natural senses to develop their connection further in real, practical and fun ways.

Understand the concept of elusive psi, what the science really says and, uncover your own latent abilities for prediction and sensing far more information around you – including anomalous activity.

Are you ready to explore your very being? Understanding and experiencing psi (psychic abilities)  involves for most, a radical shift in perspective about Life, The Universe and Everything. This is because much of what we believe personally and culturally, is based on inherited assumptions. 

We are all individuals with individual psyches. Just as our fingerprints, DNA and life stories are unique, so are our ‘psi styles’. Here you will investigate your personal skills and experiences, uncover the common themes to identify your own individual ‘psi style’. 

  • What if… there was a growing wealth of scientific evidence for psychic abilities to be both real and learnable?
  • What if… all those times you have seriously wondered about your own experience, or witnessed a loved one’s psychic moment, you were getting a glimpse at a much, much larger reality?
  • What if… the answer to this is already within you?
  • What if… you could embrace this?

What would you do next?

  • 6 week personal 1:1 coaching programme.


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