My Values & Beliefs

Every body and Every mind is beautiful

– and full of potential. By embracing our universe of diversity and exploring our individual quirks, uncertainties and curiosities, we forge a life of celebration, together .

Average is a mean illusion

No-one is truly ‘normal’ because average is a mean illusion (pun!). I for one, am never ‘perfectly presented’ (and never will be) because I am not a finished product.

Controversy is the drive behind our social evolution

 I believe that being curious and provoking open questions is healthy ? and also the socially responsible thing to do.

Everything is because… it isn’t.

Honesty and self-reflection are key to growing with meaningful direction. Being radically honest with the self, creates a guiding force from within.

As a serial provocateur, I’ve been assigned all sorts of monikers and labels such as ‘maverick’, ‘rebel’, ‘queen’, ‘Infamous’, ‘fearless leader’ and’eccentric’.