Avant Garden (CIC)

As part of my wider work to explore and help ‘upgrade’ our collective human experience, I have a Community Interest Company – Avant Garden. Set up in 2016, the Avant Garden is a ‘foundation’ ground for seeding both consciousness research and for delivering workshops, classes and healing practices to wider communities.

All Bodies, All Minds… Beautiful

The activities are all original and born of direct experience, nurtured across many demographics and loved by the tens of thousands who have experienced them.

Avant Garden love to ‘plant and grow’ the potential in our guests by providing new and exciting challenges to both investigate and promote the amazing diversity and potential of all people.

  • alignment of mind, body, spirit
    (especially for ‘atypical’ people)
  • enhanced psi experience and autonomic healing
  • up-levelling of empathy, compassion and self-awareness
  • celebration of gender and body expression

Visit Avant Garden?

You can find out more over on the AG website:

Avant Garden Wellbeing is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales. Company Registration Number: 10494264

Avant Garden is a registered trademarks.