My Experience

An avant-garde adventurer with a passion for the mind and the metaphysical, my personal life journey has become my method. This involves a cycle of positive risk-taking, honest reflection and conscious self-expression. I call it ‘Creative Personal Development‘. I have over ten years experience coaching individuals and twenty years of exploration, reflection and content creation.

I can lead this with confidence because I do practice what I preach. I am a positive risk-taker with a history of successful leadership. I have explored many hidden, alternative and taboo paths, taking personal risks and often forging new roads for others to safely follow. Although unintended, I am a trend starter, influencer and social predictor in many meaningful ways.

My portfolio over the past 20 years attests to this and my diversity as a provocateur of thought, in both art and science. From haunted castles in Transylvania and laboratory ESP research to ‘fetish’ fashion and burlesque theatre. I do the daring stuff in life, before it becomes socially safe. From taboo and outre arts to transpersonal psychology, neuroscience, consciousness research, meditation, holistic healing, ancient wisdom, Gnosticism, Hermeticism and comparative religion, I am always on a personal development journey, trying new things and new ways.

I have genuinely been highly successful as an art magazine cover model, international burlesque comedienne and producer, TV paranormal investigator and alternative wellbeing content creator. All whilst these things were very much taboo and yet to become popular culture. I have also experienced a lot of peer, public and press dissent – as well as praise – and so can help others to develop the resilience required for modern public life.

I have adopted many lenses, finding immense perspective, inspiration and insight to share. Best of all, each adventure has helped me to create new personal development opportunities for others. My previous clients and partners, include BBC television and radio, EMI, The British Library, Dennis Publishing, The Armed Forces and many more.