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First time in Floatation

Float diary 5th April 2022

I attended Re-Set wellbeing centre in Lancaster to try their floatation pod. The pod was located in a well appointed wet room, with ambient lights, music and generally pleasant and uplifting atmosphere. The practice is to shower and get in the pod or tank, in the nip, as swimwear can itself become distracting. So in I went.

I noticed patches of my skin stinging and so re-emerged to apply the lubrication/barrier ointment supplied. This sufficed and the stinging gradually stopped. As someone who is not fond of enclosed spaces and prone to anxiety, closing the lid and opting for complete darkness was a challenge. It too couple of times checking I could push the lid open easily before I allowed myself to settle to the experience. Here is what I noticed:

  • Darkness was the same when eyes open, as eyes closed
  • I could hear only my tinnitus
  • My breathing felt strange – I was increasingly aware of a ‘close’ atmosphere of the warm and ‘thick’ feeling air. Something I’ve greatly disliked when abroad in tropical climates. As an asthmatic, I tend to be very wary of air that is in any way unusual. I mitigated waves of panic about my breathing sensations, by filling filling lungs and releasing the air slowly through my mouth. 
  • I began to experience ‘visuals’ including themes of: Animals, Stars and Eyes. A quizzical panda that seemed to be looking in on me from somewhere else was first and one of the most striking images was of a greenman or owl-like pair of eyes looking very much, back at me. There was also a strong image of lioness goddess Sekhmet by the time the session was ending. A sense of being watched was experienced throughout.

    I attempted to paint them that same day, to best capture them: