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Post-Covid World: Positive Predictions

In the forthcoming post Covid world, we will see a blossoming of human expression, connection and a refreshing sense of freedom.

With facemasks currently covering half of our faces, reading and understanding one another’s emotions has met a challenge – but one that we have risen to. Quite unconsciously, we have been relying on a greater focus on reading tiny micro-expressions around the eyes of others who catch our gaze. Essentially we have been noticing each other more acutely and soon, we will relish in the complex beauty of naked faces as we embrace engagement with enhanced interconnectivity. We will feel enlivened by our own ability to fully express ourselves in a smile and have one returned – mutual smiling will become the new trending pleasure.  Furthermore, once we have permission to ‘drop the mask’ entirely, there is also a symbolic reveal that also runs far deeper:  when we allow our social masks to drop, we become the most authentic selves we have ever been. We have permission to unmask. For those who have found comfort in the masks as a practical safeguard around viruses in general, these temporary ‘practical necessaries’ will become a personal, stylish and acceptable accessory.

Empathy and kindness have become a lifestyle. Through our collective duty of care, we have grown our communal sense of belonging and respect for others. Our collective experience of being ‘all in it together’ as Boris would say, has meant that our core values have aligned more than ever and we strive for trust, cooperation, creativity and innovation. Our shared spaces have become visible as living places and our homes as personal temples. We have also learned how to ‘hold space’ for each other, to listen and be present – including across the digital dimension our online rooms and portals too.

Our individual aspirations and endeavours have bloomed as we have sought solutions and innovations at every level. Companies House and the Intellectual Property Office  have seen unprecedented volumes applications for new businesses, patents and trademarks proving the effervescence of human creativity and growth as many have found opportunity in a crisis, embracing change and potential.

Permission comes after restriction and when we start to enjoy the sense of permission, we appreciate all he more what it means to have freedom. It is an exciting time. It is a new dawn to wake up to and relish the life we all share. We will have come through the stiving, ready for thriving – together.