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Life in a Universe of Diversity

We live in a universe of ultimate diversity and yet are simultaneously bonded together by the one mystery we call ?Life?. 

To truly live we must be open to the vast experience available all around us. To do so we are blessed with curiosity. We are all made of the same star stuff, yet expressed uniquely with unique perspectives. Through our own wonder, we are the universe?s way of perceiving itself, of experimenting and refining ideas, of making jokes and seeking new alternatives, of wanting perfection in answers to questions that never sit still, in correcting the ?bugs in the code?. Our conscious exploration of life is the universe?s way of trying to solve the mystery of itself.

This is where religious scriptures also hint at ideas of human fallacy (or ?sin?) and the quest for divine or perfect knowledge/enlightenment/salvation. 

?Sin? is not a weakness it?s a misunderstood word for ?empty? or ?without drive? as I see it.  Without our imperfections there would be no motivation for Life.

Similarly, ?evil? is misunderstood ignorance and the ?devil? is the personified blind ego in each of us – that wilful ignorance, complacency or laziness that keeps us from searching, asking, subverting and trying again and again. It is that which keeps us from the very meaning of life – which is simply, to live. To live as consciously as we can. To live as as our own diverse expressions of the same universe – expressing and creating in these precious moments when we are consciously here participating with one another cocooned in a sense of ?real time?.

Spend less time perpetuating and arguing over dogma and the ?isms? that permeate so much of our media and social media – go create something. Anything. Live.