What do I do?

Creative Personal Development is all about thinking differently, celebrating authenticity in individuals and then forging bold new pathways to success. I want you to be the creative director of your own purposeful life. In a ‘nutshell’, this is what I do:

  • I coach individuals to ‘find their light’ – and shine in it.
  • I create unique personal development materials.
  • I produce theatre shows celebrating diversity. 
  • I write and consult on inspiring media projects.
  • I am a creative community and membership leader.

With a lifetime of uncovering and illuminating beauty and potential, especially where it is overlooked or ‘atypical’ I am an ally to alterity. See my personal life experience as an alternative thinker and leader here.

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There are far too many inspiring people who live in the dark, overlooked for being an ‘outsider’. Let’s change that together. Let us lead in the light of loving potential. My work is transformative and helps others to define their mission (or niche), explore and transcend their sense of identity to create their own authentic material because… true heart-centred leadership is only born of those who are willing to keep on stepping ahead, despite any uncertainty they may have.

Let me help you find your light so that you can grow in your own truth and ultimately, lead your way.