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IFFY Decision making…

?What if I make the wrong decision?!?

How many of us are held back by this immobilising dark cloud? 

Everyone knows that ‘fight or flight’ is a fear response to threat, but there is a third… ‘freeze’. Indecision is immobilising because it is a fear response so if you see a dark cloud and you stay put, there’s a better chance you are feeling threatened by a possible storm but ironically, if you don’t move you will probably get wet.

If we take the presumption of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ out, imagine there are no ‘mistakes’ to be made… you will find that the dark cloud evaporates leaving clear skies ahead for you. In such clarity you are best able to see the roads ahead, choose a direction and step out – even with an umbrella in hand.

There are no ?wrong? nor ?right? decisions – just decisions. Just action. Just you doing, moving on in life?s narrative. To live is to actively live through life, not sit immobile waiting for it to happen. If we don’t decide between this or that, option A or plan B, we are still making a decision – we simply choose to reside in indecision – a mental state of anxiety where we deride ourselves in the now, fear our futures and resent our previous decisions. We put ourselves in to a state of  ‘what if’ limbo.

Any decision is a decision to move forward as even when we ‘go back’ to the drawing board or return to a previous state, or decide to stay where we are, we do so as people who have considered, reflected and grown.

Since we can?t predict all of the nuanced outcomes of any decision, we are deluded when we fear mistakes. There is only the now and how we handle it as it unfolds.

The truth is that you can handle whatever happens. You do it all the time. You are doing it right now. In fact unexpected situations are unexpected bonus opportunities to grow and learn and who knows…. maybe even win the odds.

?What if…??
?So what??

Gather your information and be informed. Notice what decision you actually want to take – be radically honest and take that positive risk on yourself today – you are worth it.